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                Foreign Teachers Recruitment


                Guangdong Polytechnic of Industry and Commerce is a state-owned college with a history of 60 years in China. The College is now inviting applications for the international teacher position. International teachers will teach courses such as Oral Japanese, Japanese Writing, Japanese Culture & Literature, and etc. For the coming school year, 1 Japanese teacher and 2 English teacher are needed in the Applied Foreign Languages School.


                1. Native speaker.

                2. Bachelor degree and above.

                3. At least two-year teaching experience.

                4. under 45 years, and in good health.

                Salary and Allowances

                The annual income including salary and allowances is around RMB140, 000 Yuan.

                1. Salary. An international teacher's salary will be determined by the college according to his/her duties and educational background. Salary will be paid as well during winter, summer vacations and legal holidays stipulated by the Chinese government.

                2. Other Allowances. Traveling allowance: RMB 8000 is granted every year. Housing allowance: RMB 2000 is granted every month if the teacher does not live in the college apartment. Bonus: RMB 1000 to RMB 3000 is granted according to the overall performance every year.  

                The College buys personal accident insurance for each foreign teacher.80% of cost of medical care for common illness treatment and medicine will be provided in campus clinic.


                An apartment on the campus with a kitchen, a bathroom, a living room and a bedroom is provided, equipped with basic furniture and appliances including bed, desk, hot water heater, washing machine, induction cooker, air conditioner and internet for every international teacher.

                Rest and Holidays

                An international teacher is entitled to all Chinese public holidays and summer and winter vacations as scheduled by the College. 

                Application Information

                Please send your resume, photo and copies of related certificates and medical examination report toliuconggw@163.com, we will contact you soon.

                Contact Person: Ms. Yang/ Ms. Liu

                Tel: 86-20-87745745

                Address: 963 Guangzhou Avenue (N.), Tianhe District,Guangzhou,Guangdong, PRC.